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Custom Wooden Boxes

Through the machining of precision CNC equipment and manual processing, DS uses high-quality solid wood or MDF (medium density fiberboard) to provide customers with a variety of custom wooden packaging boxes.

The connection of each side of the wooden box adopts basic butt joint, mitered butt joint or mortise and tenon joint structure, and is fixed by adhesive, which is very durable. DS can provide customers with plain wooden boxes, lacquer wooden boxes, custom printed wooden boxes, engraved wooden boxes, etc. We have 3 large-scale wood processing bases that can quickly complete small-volume orders or large-volume orders. The general delivery time can be controlled within 30 days, and the price of these wooden boxes will not be very high. We can provide custom large wooden boxes with a maximum size of 1500mm, as well as mini wooden boxes of 3mm in size.

Applications of different product packaging
DS can customize beautiful wooden boxes of different styles according to the needs of customers, and can be used to package gifts or products such as wine, cigars, watches and jewelry. Below are some examples of custom wooden boxes we have done.

  • Wood material options

    Solid wood: We can use a variety of wood materials to make boxes, including rosewood, walnut, maple, oak, ash tree, rubber wood, pine, cedar, camphor wood, Sapele, mahogany, birch, Okume, paulownia and bamboo.

    MDF: We can also use MDF materials to make wooden boxes. The surface of MDF materials can be decorated with various solid wood skins, such as rosewood veneer, walnut veneer, basswood veneer, oak veneer and rubber wood veneer.

  • Good durability

    In order to allow the wooden box to be used for a long time and prevent deformation and cracking, DS strictly manages the raw materials. All wood in storage is guaranteed to have a water content of less than 12% and is kept in a ventilation environment.

    For larger size wooden materials, we will first seal the pores with a primer before processing in order to avoid deformation during processing.

  • Various surface coating processes

    DS can carry out delicate coating treatment on the surface of wooden boxes, including wax oil, water based paint, oil based paint, piano lacquer, etc., which can enhance the surface effect and make the wooden box more durable.

  • Various surface decoration processes

    The surface of the wooden box can be processed into whatever patterns and texts you need through a variety of manufacturing technology, including screen printing, laser engraving, UV color printing, thermal transfer, pad printing, hot-stamping, etc.

DS is very good at customizing the most suitable packaging for different products, especially in the manufacture of wooden boxes. In addition, we can also use other materials to achieve more diverse decorative effects. If you are interested, you can check out the leather boxes or the paperboard boxes that we have done.

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If you are looking for outstanding packaging for your excellent products, or looking for more distinctive wooden furniture, decoration or stationery, DS will be your ideal partner. You are always welcome to discuss new ideas with us.