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DS is an experienced manufacturer of packaging boxes, especially in the design and processing of various wooden packaging boxes. At the same time, we also have a matching carton production line and leather box production line. So DS can use a variety of materials to create a more personalized packaging box for your products.

DS can customize beautiful wooden boxes of different styles according to the needs of customers, and can be used to package gifts or products such as wine, cigars, watches and jewelry. Below are some examples of custom wooden boxes we have done.

Custom Paperboard Boxes

In order to better protect your products, we usually use different thickness of cardboard or plastic parts inside the box as the main structure, which is filled with cushioning materials such as EVA and sponge, and finally wrapped with PU leather, flannel or other materials as the lining. Therefore, our paperboard boxes are very beautiful and impeccable, whether they are opened or not.

Custom Leather Boxes

DS can use leather or imitation leather like PU and PVC to make a variety of beautiful leather packaging boxes. Due to the soft texture and plasticity of the leather, it can meet the needs of more styling.

The color of the leather can be selected according to the customer's requirements. The surface of the leather can be treated with various exquisite processing such as laminating, embroidery, embossing, hot-stamping, silk screen printing, thermal transfer and so on. The interior material of the leather box can be matched with various high-grade wood, leather, plush, microfiber, etc. In order to achieve a richer decorative effect, we can also combine the leather box with other materials, such as metal, acrylic, wood, glass and even some crystal decoration.

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If you are looking for outstanding packaging for your excellent products, or looking for more distinctive wooden furniture, decoration or stationery, DS will be your ideal partner. You are always welcome to discuss new ideas with us.